About Audacious Agriculture

Audacious farms, a 501.3c charity, is located in Rapid City South Dakota, where we believe quality food is a human right not a luxury. Our team is dedicated to making fruits and vegetables accessible to anyone at any time using local or personal assets and ideas to build a more sustainable future. Helping gardens grow in turn helps humans households and communities thrive. Educating the public on new and innovative regenerative farming methods we hope to plant seeds that grow into a lifetime of laughter and leafy greens!

  • Make A Difference

    • We understand that the world is changing as is our food supply process.

    • What if - someone could grow enough food easily in their back yard? It would be much better for us than foods commercially grown.

    • We want the means to demonstrate and share this information with all seeking support in this area.

  • Teach and Educate

    • Growing a garden is simple, dig a hole and put in a seed, water as needed. So some were not successful in the heat of Texas.

    •There are keys to the process to getting the best nutrients into your foods.

    •This knowing of what to add to the water, soil is key to success.

    • Sometimes it takes above ground beds or green house beds for your foods depends on your soils, environments and time of year.

  • Our Mission and Goals

    • We want anyone that seeks the right knowledge to support a garden for food to find that here.

    • We want to have videos, self help tutorials . FAQ, Tips and Tricks and simply how to manage a home garden for year long quality organic foods.

    • Have a location where we can show by example, the exact setup, steps and taste the results from our own gardens.